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Following up on my post about here’s a breakdown of my chess training which got me up to 1500.

  • Sign up to the full premium membership of Try the free no obligation membership first if you want to try it out. You can also trial the full membership for 30 days and hopefully you will see your standard go up in a month. Take your time with the excellent mentor courses; they are not timed.
  • Follow the  learning plans. it might seem like a lot of work, but once you have this grounding it will serve you well.
  • Play a few games every day. Try to match against players slightly higher than your rating, even if you lose, look back at how you lost, always play the board not the player. Play a few games where you focus only looking for tactics. Don’t play speed games, play at least 15 minute but preferably 30 minute games.
  • Download the app. Depending on your device you can do all your training/playing on the go. I have a very old phone and just use it for tactics training; aim for 100 tactics a week, that’s only 14 a day.
  • Pick an opening or two and study them well. As well as knowing the first few moves of each opening and how to transpose, find some videos which go through many variations.
  • Download the skid on the go app. Great for analyzing positions, in particular end games which you lost (or won but don’t know why). It’s also great for loading .pgn files; you can download lots of puzzles and games which you can view at your leisure.
  • Play against a computer. Don’t undo when you play badly, look at why you lost and what you missed and start over; it’s a bad habit to get into and you can’t undo against a real player. Don’t get caught up in the speed the computer plays at, take you time. In fact against a human one of the hardest things to do is play at your own pace.

All the links are my “refer a friend” links which will give me extra membership, if I’ve convinced you, please sign up if you want to see me blog about demolishing the chess teacher!

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