I first thought of this when I turned up for my kids’ sports day, remembering how fast I was at school. “Daddy I really want you to win”, my daughter said with belief that all the stories I’d told her about how good I was at athletics at school would bare fruit 30 years later.

I actually thought I had a chance, I won the long jump every year at school,  I’d done a marathon, I go to the gym 3 time a week, but I guess all the other dads had the same idea and were just as keen to prove to their kids (or themselves) they were fast. Twenty of us lined up on the 8 lane downhill potholed grass sports field. At least half false started and I realised this  was no fun run. The restart got me elbowed into last before I’d even taken my first stride. My minimal knowledge from school about the three stages of sprinting properly were meaningless as I drove getting up to top speed I hit a wall of dad’s; two tumbled and one of the mum’s described the sound as a stampede. I found a gap by changing “lane” but the race was over. Worried my daughter had seen my failure, I asked if she at least saw how fast daddy was; she’d gone to the toilet.

So here’s the result, a very literal section on how to train to sprint in the sport & fitness section which you can use to help you and your kids improve their running technique which should help in other sports they may do. There’s also helpful advice on other aspects of being a dad, reviews of gadgets, cars, with a focus on trying to keep the kids and you happy. You will be able to tell your wife why you need that surround sound system!

The etiquette in posts/comments is how you’d be chatting to dad’s in the playground.

Don’t take it too seriously and enjoy!

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